Mesmerizing “Motions” Remix From Norway’s Sienná

When it comes to cool electronica and mesmerizing dance music, Norway’s Sienná never disappoints. So how cool is it that she is revisiting her catalogue to reissue a series of remixes designed for the dance floor? Very!

“Motions” is the first in this series – with more to come. Check out the exciting new video:

I asked Sienná what inspired these new mixes: “The very best part of being an independent artist is that you can do what you want when you want,” she said. “There´s no concept of ‘need.’  I felt like I wanted to release some re-mastered EDM remixes, and I got a distribution well suited for such groovy music as well.  So simply I thought, why not! ”

Which songs are slated for remix/remaster? ” My current plan is to randomly choose one of the dance tracks I already have from my own discography, remix it, and release it – one release a month for a certain period of time. The first release is scheduled on 6th November, and the second one on 3rd December. I´m currently working on my 3rd remix/single for release in January 2018. ”

Can you tell me about the technical aspects of the remix?” I´m mainly using Logic pro x and Denon MC4000. Bit rate is typically 24-bit/192Hz. Traditionally speaking, my tracks tend to have so many layers of synths and pads, which I think is ok as production of original music. But I´m also trying to aim at distribution for live DJs this time. After performing as a live-act and DJ, I understood that it works much better to keep it simple live. So basically, my songs are going through weight-loss programs. ”

Besides the remixes, are you currently performing live, either as a solo act or as a DJ? “I´m mostly busy sitting in a studio for the remixes. And all the works around the releases like artworks, registrations, promotions etc. The sound engineering is what I´m really enjoying / eager to learn more at this moment. It should be fun to perform outside sometimes, of course. But I must give priority to something as we have only 24 hours a day. If I had to choose, I would love to produce inside more than perform outside more. It´s a phase.”

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