Sienná’s Sounds And Visions, Plus Cavern Club Gig in Liverpool

Sienná, the captivating Norwegian electronica artist, has just released her second video in two months, both from her new release, “Q.o.S.” Each is quite different, yet both are equally difficult to define—just like Sienná’s stylish musical creations. I asked her for some insight into their creation and meaning:

The first video, for the groovy dance tune “Quintessence,” was created by TrustStudios UK and released April 5. It features a rapidly-changing array of diverse images, including some jarring images, others esoteric, based on Sienná’s concept for the song. She writes: “The only request I had for the video director was to be ‘dark,’ as ‘Quintessence’ in general is related to the idea of dark energy. I like the abstract, metaphoric images that can widen your imagination with no sense of what´s right or wrong.”

I asked for more information; Sienná clarified it for me this way:  “A video with a clear story line can sometimes limit your imagination. It’s up to you how you perceive a ‘Quintessence’ type of abstract video. ‘Dark energy’ is what I had in mind when I wrote it, but not necessarily what/how you perceive it. And dark energy doesn’t necessarily mean anything to do with morality, but could just mean ‘light/dark’ or something ‘unknown.’ That´s a matter of free association.”

Aha. I get it now. Whatever your particular interpretation of it, the “Quintessence” video offers lots of sonic and visual treats that act upon the imagination in interesting ways.

The most recent video, created in India and released May 12, is for the tranquil, ambient “Iwashimizu” and based on ideas that came to Sienná while reflecting on her hometown, as well on as a scenic spot in Britain. She explains:  “The ‘feeling of being home’ came after I added some Japanese instruments to the song. I told my video director briefly where my original inspiration came from – which was me sitting by the Ouse river, looking up to the clear starry sky in a little town Lewes (UK). He had a freedom to interpret my basic ideas as he liked, but also picked up the mood quite well. “

Liverpool and Sienná’s DJ Set
In additional Sienná news, she will be playing at the historic Cavern Club in Liverpool, England, on May 31st. “It´s time consuming to tour, ” she writes. “I’ve started to spend even more time on songwriting and production, so I’m trying to focus on quality gigs instead of accepting everything and anything.  Only The Cavern Liverpool this time. Not often they let any DJs or electronica artists to perform there, so I must be very lucky. “

“I tend to say that my favorite Beatle is Sir McCartney. But I’m mostly in love with the works he did together with The Beatles. The Beatles were a pure divine magic. I wish I lived in the ’60s.” Sienná 

As The Cavern is the club made legendary by the Fab Four, I couldn’t pass up the chance to ask Sienná that eternal question, “who is your favorite Beatle?” Her answer: “I tend to say that my favorite Beatle is Sir McCartney. But I’m mostly in love with the works he did together with The Beatles. The Beatles were a pure divine magic. I wish I lived in the ’60s.”

I also asked her about the format of her DJ set. “I’m performing my own music and impulsively mixing any good grooves that I have on my playlist,” she explains. “As a DJ I feel that my main responsibility is to watch and follow what´s happening on the dance floor, so I really don´t plan anything particular in advance – except preparing for my playlist.” Sounds like a great time!

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