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KONTRADIKSHN Achieves Immortality In New Video For “027”

As Slovenian electro-rock trio Kontradikshn embark on a European tour, the group releases a new video for the song “027” from their debut album, “Reframing.” From the song’s rousing refrain:

“Time. Endless. Check your code.
Time. Endless. Start Again!”

I asked vocalist/keyboardist/songwriter Petar Stojanovíc, who is 27, if the song is a reference to that mythical age at which the music world lost many icons, including Jim Morrison, Kurt Cobain, and Amy Winehouse.

“You are really close,” Stojanovíc told me. “The song is about avoiding death. It’s about my fast living a few years ago, actually long gone now. So a few years ago I wrote this song in a wish to survive 27.”

Congrats to Petar for turning his life around. The video features lots of eye candy in the form of odd camera angles, digital displays of synthesizers zeroing in on the number “027,” a mysterious star logo, and enticing glimpses of the band in action. Stojanovic describes the experience of shooting the video:

“The creative team was brought together in a day or two, and it took us one day to record the video,” he says. “We played live underneath the song, because we wanted to capture the ‘true’ feeling of us looking exactly the same as in concert. Much fun, but we were exhausted after shooting, as it took us more than 30 takes of the same song over and over again.”

The band, a self-proclaimed “touring machine,” will hit stages in Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Poland and Croatia over the next five weeks. If you’re fortunate enough to be in Europe, check them out!

In the meantime, check out the video for “027” below: