The Analog Girl’s Video “More Than You Know” Featuring Images By LS528

Just in time for summer and the full force of its heat, The Analog Girl releases a video for her super cool tune, “More Than You Know,” the second single from her latest album, “Golden Sugar Crystals.” True to the song’s 80s sensibilities, the video blends the uncertainty of romantic love with fashion, thanks to some strange images created by London-based artist Laura Shepherd, who goes by the moniker LS528 (and whose designer gloves have been worn by Lady Gaga in her video “Paparazzi,” as well as by Madonna, Kylie Minogue and others.)

The music scene of the 1970s offered a decade of glam fashion and punk anti-fashion, while the 80s brought the partnership of music and fashion to new levels while borrowing from everything that came before, presenting nostalgia and futurism at the same time. The Analog Girl’s debt to the 80s is well established; “More Than  You Know” features 80s inspired synths and beats that intentionally refer to the fashion catwalk in retro-futuristic style.

I asked The Analog Girl, aka Mei Wong, what the song is about: love, passion, infatuation? “The concept for the song is exactly what you described,” she writes. “I guess in this order of friendship, turned infatuation, turned passion (but not obsessive), and the whole unexpected / unsure feeling of falling in love, and as a result feeling all vulnerable.”

When Wong came across the video art of London-based visual artist LS528, whom she met at a 2007 performance in London, she approached her about using some of her animation for the video.

It started when I saw her online posts of 3D fashion animations that she was creating, and they instantly blew my mind.” Mei Wong, about Laura Shepherd 

Wong explains: “Discussions with Laura – It started when I saw her online posts of 3D fashion animations that she was creating, and they instantly blew my mind, and were such a great fit for my second single ‘More Than You Know,’ especially since I wrote that beat with the fashion runway in mind. I also love that they were not just straight-on fashion but embody a pop art feel, abstractness and surrealism. Also especially fitting in with one of the album’s themes surrounding the illusion of reality.”

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