True Love, Snowcat Style

Write From Love.

Legendary Broadway composer and lyricist Stephen Sondheim once said : “The only reason to write is from love.You must not write because you think it’s going to be a hit, because it’s expedient, or anything like that. It’s so difficult to write, it’s so difficult to put on a show; better, if you have the privilege of being able to to write it, write it out of passion. ” (From the HBO Documentary, “Six by Sondheim.” 2013)

To ask a set of related questions: How many poets write earnestly about love but remain hungry? (probably millions) How many established songwriters, not feeling love, have made a fortune crafting by-the-numbers songs about love? (too many) Was Donna Summer feeling it when she wrote her influential Giorgio Moroder-produced hit “I Feel Love?” (most definitely, just listen to her performance). see and hear that classic Donna Summer song here.

When in 2008, I took to my ukulele to write what would become the tune “Love, Where To Now?” I was utterly sincere, pondering destiny in a romantic, art pop kind of way. The themes of uncertainty and vulnerability have often resonated with me, and I was happy with the way the song came out. I am equally happy  (you could say ‘in love with’ ) Gilles’ Snowcat’s version, a beautifully understated dub-influenced cover released as an “official bootleg” just in time for Valentine’s Day, as a gift to his fans. Get it at: Push Red For Valentine.

Also included on the single is the melancholy, touching “Maybe I’m Dreaming” by New Zealand-based singer-songwriter Glen Smith.  Gilles explains: “He currently lives in Belgium and I sometimes have a jam with him and other musicians. A few months ago I played some piano live with him and a violin player, on that very song, ‘Maybe I’m Dreaming.’ I thought it was beautiful and wanted to snowcatize it a little.”

Cool stuff.

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